Looking for What’s Beyond…

It took a while for me to choose a new blog name. Most of the time I don’t feel that my life is anything but a simple, sometimes boring, regular life of a 20-something wife and mommy. But, I want it to be something unique and noteworthy! Something special! I bet everyone feels that way. The great thing is, it’s true. Your life is noteworthy! It is special! God has blessed us abundantly and we need only to look for the beauty in our everyday moments. Even when it seems dull and everyday ho-hum, your life is extraordinary.

When I saw the definition of extraordinary, that’s when I finally decided on the name of this blog and a good way to describe my life: “Beyond what is usual, ordinary, regular, normal.” My life is ordinary. At the same time, it’s anything but normal! Sometimes you have to look for the part that is extraordinary, but it’s there. And when your life feels so very usual and common, you have to hunt to find the fun, the spontaneity, the excitement and the parts of your life that are beyond the ordinary.

Soo… here I am, doing my everyday, ordinary stuff, and blogging about it. But, the “beyond” part is happening too. Mainly being, in about 5 weeks, our wee family is moving to Panama! Currently, we are still living life as usual here in Ohio. I’ve only packed one box, the yard still need mowed, supper still needs cooked, Natasha is still learning NOT to play in certain drawers and we still sign shoes about 57 times a day. (Yep, that girl is obsessed.)

For those of you wondering what in the world I’m talking about, please see the handy little page at the top, titled, FAQ. Each of those questions are ones we have been asked at least once, and hopefully it will help everyone get a better picture of our plans and what is happening. :)


So, here’s to enjoying a simple, ordinary life, and at the same time, looking for the joy and adventure in everyday moments!
I’m trying to remind myself to have fun searching for the usual and the extraordinary moments in my life and to praise the Lord for them. Even if they’re something just as common as a Maple tree turning colors, a hot steaming cup of tea, baby toes, a spoonful of Nutella or a pile of dirty laundry.

Because after all, normal is just a setting on a dryer.


4 thoughts on “Looking for What’s Beyond…

  1. Yay! A new blog to follow Daniel and Janel all over Creation…and I do mean all over! :) I will definitely enjoy visiting to see what adventures you’re having, and watching everyone’s favorite little girlie grow. :)

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