Home in Boquete



To get in, we go around the corner and open the gate:

(Dave is the landlord.)


Go up a couple section of stairs, and straight ahead, you see our apartment, named, “The Blue Morpho”. (That’s a butterfly.)

Once inside, you see the door to the balcony, which is probably our favorite part of this apartment. Natasha loves to play with the doors, sliding them open and closed.

And here’s the main floor!

From the other side of the room:

Looking into the kitchen:

And from the other side of the counter:


Out on the balcony, looking to the left:
And back the other direction:


View to the left:


Straight ahead:

And to the right:

I think it’s interesting how this church’s steps are completely torn up…all gravel and broken cement. They are renovating it, but nothing is taped or blocked off. People just go up wherever they can find a step, and life goes on as usual. That would certainly never happen in the US!


Okay, upstairs, we have the bedroom:

I didn’t take a picture of the bathroom…did you want me to? Just imagine what a normal bathroom has, and you’ll get the idea.  :) The shower takes up the entire right side of the room, with glass sliding doors.


Then, looking out of the bathroom door, and down the steps:


So…this is home for our first month!

I think, if I’m going to keep these tile floors clean for the duration of our stay, I’m going to buy myself a mop. You know, a sponge type cleaning thingy with a broom handle? I’ve used one a couple times and I think they’re grand. Much better than wiping the floor with a rag on my hands and knees.


Edit: I re-did a few pictures…so for those of you who are seeing this a second time and notice a few less comments in the pictures, that’s okay. You didn’t imagine it, I just uploaded different ones. :)


4 thoughts on “Home in Boquete

  1. Awesome pictures! Love your apartment! So nice! Are the stairs a challenge w/ Natasha? I know you had stairs at your house, but wondering about them with an open concept. Glad you found her a couch cushion — I was wondering about her bed. :)

  2. Oh Janel!! all the picture’s make me miss you guy’s, more than i already do :(
    I {love} the house. It looks allot nicer taken with a good camera other than a laptop camera ;)…..I am going to {try} my best at coming down there.. how much are the flight tickets again?!
    It was fun video chatting with ya’ll the other day, hope we can do it again soon!
    Love you lot’s!!

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