Shopping for Food

The first night we were in Boquete, we discovered we needed a few necessities like toilet paper, and eggs. So Daniel went just around the corner to this little grocery. We regularly get our frozen meat here now. It’s called, the “Deli Baru”. There are two rooms, about the size of an average Amish bulk food store.

Even before we came to Boquete, we knew we wanted to shop at this little fruits and vegetable shop, also just around the corner from us. We learned about it from a lady who lives in Boquete and blogged about it.


We purchase our…what else, fruits and vegetables there!


We got all this for only $5.10! Tomatoes are 80 cents a lb, onions are something like 50 cents a lb, and pineapples are $1 each. I’ll need to take note of the other prices, but really I don’t pay much attention ’cause it’s so cheap!


Across from the square, there is a larger supermarket, with just about everything you might need. They have shopping carts, (not to buy, of course, just to use!), a whole fresh meat department and even Christmas decorations. I’d say it’s about the size of a Community Markets, or something similar.


They have lots of rice…

We started our spice collection with curry, cinnamon, oregano, basil and ginger.



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