Noticing the Differences

In Boquete:

…Car horns are used a lot more, and not usually when the driver is angry, but it seems to be more as alert honks, or something.

…Only foreigners wear shorts. Locals wear blue jeans. (For the most part.)

…Diesel fumes are stronger. (Because there are more diesel vehicles.)

…Trash bins are wire baskets on poles or wire “cages” by the side of the road.


…A toddler teething in a completely open and tiled apartment makes for some loud moments. Lots of them in fact.

…Locals are terribly amused by Natasha riding on our backs in the mei tai. It causes a fair amount of giggling and smiles.


…Our daughter is still mistaken for a boy. (Her hair is growing…slowly…)

…On the north side of our street, you can park parallel headed in either direction. (Did that make sense? Basically, even if you come down the street on the right, you can park headed in the same direction, on the left.)

…Pineapples are much cheaper and parmesan cheese is much more expensive. And, raisins are only $1.50 a lb, but grapes are the same as Meijer…$2.65 or so a lb.


…Dogs and cats come out of nowhere and prowl around at night.

…The local grocery store sells…get this…pork fat! (It’s 29 cents a lb. and I made lard yesterday. From 3 lbs. of fat, we got about a quart of lard. Daniel is quite pleased, as am I!)

…It seems they practice for parades, and thus, you have a preview of what might be coming on Monday. Just a couple days ago there was one, with no warning whatsoever. Only a loud siren and drums, and soon a little group of women came around the loop carrying balloons and banners. Something about ending violence against women. There was a small band, with drums, cymbals and bells. I hear the BIG parade is coming, since on the 28th Panama celebrates its independence from Spain.

…Our future landlord (we just found a new apartment for the following months, and we’ll move in December) said he has a thermometer up outside, and it has never registered below 62 degrees, or above 78. So yeah, the weather is just awfully nice.

…The people are very friendly…and perhaps a little tired at times. :)



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