The Boys at the Square

Sunday afternoon we went to the square just to sit, relax, watch people and see the progress of the Independence Day festivities. But, it isn’t as simple as that with a 19 month old American baby with blue eyes. Pretty quick, this happened:



Then, the little ones wanted to take our picture. That was rather humorous. :) (And nerve wracking at the same time!) The eldest boy had to stand behind the amateur photographer(s) and instruct them either to raise the camera up or point it down, because even when I made it easy so they could use the LCD screen, our heads weren’t in the picture without his direction. Actually snapping the picture seemed to take a tremendous amount of focus on their part, but they were quite pleased. I always showed them the picture they took and said, “Si!”


The oldest boy took the best one, but had to tell the little boy on the right to, “Hide the camera”.


We met up with him later, and Natasha thought he needed her help:




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