More Observations


In Boquete:

…Umbrellas are used not only for rain, but to shield oneself from the sun. And it’s not the foreigners doing it, but locals! And, I’m pretty sure they don’t sunburn, like me. Hmm…

…Some women pull a scarf around their heads when it rains, and I’ve seen several simply drape a washcloth over their hair. It’s left there, until the sprinkles or mist decreases and it’s deemed dry enough to “uncover”.

…Car alarms go off almost all the time. At any loud noise or vibration, and then we not only hear the cause of the alarm going off, but the alarm for the next several seconds.

…I’m discovering more people sleep in random places, and Daniel tells me it’s not always because they’re truly tired. Oh. I never thought of other reasons….  ;) Natasha and I walked past a guy the other day (not the one below) who looked like he had simply fallen sideways onto the hillside, and fell asleep. Knees bent, backpack on, hands in front of him, sleeping soundly. He didn’t move a muscle as we passed.


…Stocking hats in December seem totally appropriate. In Ohio. But here? When it’s a nice evening, only a light jacket or none is needed? Makes me giggle, seeing the locals all “bundled up” for the evening’s refreshing air.

…Apparently if you only want one stick of butter at the grocery, you can buy, only one stick of butter. The first package we got only had three sticks in it, but we didn’t know that till we got it home.

…Pineapples are a dollar. Did we mention that before? They’re fantastic.

…The eggs aren’t refrigerated in the grocery, nor are they completely sanitized like store eggs in the states. Thus, sometimes the shells are slightly dirty and once, Daniel found a feather. We are both quite accustomed to this, so it doesn’t freak us out at all. Actually, we’re rather pleased, because the yokes are nice and orange!

…There is great potential for losing a flip-flop down one of the street grates. I step around them whenever possible.


…Oh, and sidewalks can come to an abrupt end without warning. All of a sudden you come to an intersection and there isn’t a ramp to the road, but a huge STEP down. I’ve learned where the worst one is, and exit to street level at the steps before the intersection.


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