We Got Milk

One of our wonderings before we came to Panama was if we’d be able to have raw milk. Neither one of us were keen on the idea of having to buy store milk, so we went without until last Sunday. Daniel had been corresponding with a local dairy farmer online (who also grows coffee) and the fella said it would be fine if we came to get some milk, as long as we were at the farm before 7:30 in the morning.


(We weren’t sure why it needed to be in the morning, since coming from a farming background, we knew cows are generally milked twice a day, but we weren’t going to argue.)


We took containers, hailed a taxi ($4 for us to get to the farm) and rode up the mountain to get milk.

It was grand being on a farm again and smelling the smells of cows. And seeing the all familiar sights of teat dip and such.


Daniel spoke with the workers and communicated what we came for, and our jugs were filled with warm, FRESH milk.

See it right there? All foamy and delicious? Ah, yes….



The details of the barn reminded me so much of growing up on a dairy farm… It almost seemed like home.


Sunday's Sunlight



We started to walk back, but got in a little bus when one drove by. That was a wise decision, since it is quite the hike down to the valley. Several hair pin curves and lots and lots of walking. (The bus fair was $2.50.) Once back in town, we put the milk in the freezer to cool it quickly, and I enjoyed a nice tall glass for breakfast. And I’ve been savoring each and every swallow since then.


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