The Holly and the Ivy

Well, not so much holly here in Boquete, but they do have nice coffee beans!


On our walk up the mountain and “into the country” the other day, there were coffee fields on either side of the road, in great abundance. I hopped across a little ravine on a wooden plank bridge so I could get closer to the plants.


There were a few folks out picking and carrying full bags on their shoulders. I didn’t want to appear too tourist-y to get their picture, so I settled on some bags that weren’t being carried.


In other news, we are moving to our more permanent apartment tomorrow morning. Today we’re packing up, doing laundry, going to attempt locating the 7th marble, and try to remember where we stashed any of our stuff, like our favorite spatulas and Natasha’s teeny fork. It’s a little odd to be moving again! In hindsight, I think we decided a month is a little long to stay in one spot when it’s not going to be your main home. Two weeks probably would have been better. We’ve gotten accustomed to the oven, the pillows, which light switch turns on which light, which key opens the balcony versus the door and so on. Now we get to do it all over again! It does keep life interesting, that’s for sure!


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