Home on Volcancito Road

We are moved in! This is where we be staying for the remainder of our time in Panama, and we’ve rented it for 4 months.  We settled in here on Friday, and are slowly but surely learning the ins and outs of the new place.

First, the entry way and patio outside:


Here’s the kitchen:









Spare Bedroom/Living Room/Office:


Corner cubby for computers: (Happens to be the only place to get good internet signal at the moment too.)


Natasha took her first nap here on this futon, and woke up looking like she was sitting on a lily pad in a pond. We have since moved it into the bedroom, so she sleeps right beside us.


View from the kitchen sink: As our landlord said, folks here like to put bars over the windows. He said the first thing he did when they moved here and bought a house, was to remove the bars. “I’ve never been to prison and I don’t plan to live like I’m in one!”


There are things we like better and things we would change with this apartment, same as the last. I love how bright and sunny it is, since at the last place no direct sunlight ever came in the windows. This one is much more of a hike into town, so shopping is more planned and we will probably be taking a taxi up the hill out of town more often. But I’m thrilled that we are more in the country, and away from town’s car alarms!


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