Artwork in the First Apartment

Had to post just a few pictures and artwork from our first apartment as it was rather memorable, and caused much discussion with Natasha about various features. So please enjoy this little gallery of Central American decor.
We had an iguana on the wall…

And a frog, which Natasha loved, particularly its BIG RED eyes.

(Note to Naomi: I always thought of you when I looked at this one, because it looks like the frog you drew when we had our drawing evening several months ago. Remember? :)

In addition to signing “tree” and “boat”, she seemed to think there was a dog somewhere and woofed when we looked at this one:


Ah, this frog actually received some red crayon embellishments from the littlest in our family, but dish soap and a scrubber erased any lingering marks. (This Momma wipes her forehead in relief, and gratefulness that her little girlie doesn’t color with a heavy hand!)

In one of the books we brought, there is a picture of a peacock. So these became our reference when learning about peacocks.


While Daniel was talking with our landlord before we left, (actually telling him about the coffee pot that I broke…oops), we got one last picture out on the balcony.



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