Our Little Girlie…




…is twenty months old. She can say Ma-Ma. And she sleeps through the night. (Hallelujah Chorus being sung by Ma-Ma.) She imitates all we do, attempts to wear the back-pack round her neck-in front, and gets distracted eating supper because she’s busy signing, “umbrella”, “girl”, and “rain” when looking at the Morton salt container. She loves to color with us, by signing something she wants us to draw. She’s still obsessed with shoes, and thinks when we go on walks we’re going up to the landlords for a “cookie”.

Ah, she’s a funny little girl, and we love her. :)


2 thoughts on “Our Little Girlie…

  1. I love that Natasha knows so many signs!! And congrats on your patience and fortitude in lasting 20 months before she slept through the night!!

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