Before the New Year…

I thought I’d better get these last pictures of Christmas in! These were taken at the church’s Christmas program. It was a nice service full of special music, children reciting verses and singing.



I was thrilled when the choir finished their carol medley with the Hallelujah Chorus! No one stood though, because, as the fella who translated the sermon for us on our first visit said, “They don’t know to!”

“Silent Night” was the congregational song at the end, and they sang it in German, Korean, Spanish, English and Portuguese. So you jumped in when your language came around.


Here is Pastor Timothy.

After the program, the young folks brought out plates of food and hot cocoa. They do “fellowship meals” here differently than most churches in the states. Rather than everyone moving to another room with tables to eat, you stay seated in your pew and the food is brought to you! Either in a Styrofoam take-out box, or on a plate:


Inside the hot pocket was a mixture of meat and onions, and the coffee cake was quite tasty and gooey with goodness. Natasha started kissing the kisses when I told her what they were. :)

When I mentioned that the hot cocoa was very good, Daniel agreed and said, “It’s certainly not wimpy!”


I think that officially finishes up our Christmas celebrations. Not that the festivities are completely over though! On our walk to town today for groceries, folks were selling fireworks on the sidewalk and the grocery was the busiest I’ve ever seen it. The lines were LONG, with people buying roasting pans and turkeys, ham and rice. Time to ring in a new year!

So Happy New Year everyone! May 2012 be full of joy and blessings!



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