Scotch Eggs

We’re having them tonight for supper!



Only, this time I will be rolling them in pork rinds, like the recipe suggests. I didn’t the first time we had them because I had just thrown out pork rinds left from making lard. But I planned ahead and will try it this time. Basically, scotch eggs are hard boiled eggs with seasoned ground beef patted around them and baked. Talk about protein!! Daniel found the recipe here. Don’t let that link fool you…it really is a free PDF cookbook sampler. Scotch Eggs are in there, as well as our new favorite chocolate chili recipe. Yep, chocolate chili.



5 thoughts on “Scotch Eggs

  1. I’ve always wanted to try these! But alas, after a few months of high-protein breakfasts, Grant’s stomach decided to join the cause of defending unborn chickens worldwide. :( Let us know how they are!
    We should chat sometime. :)

    • Oh, you’re quite welcome! Glad you stopped by! Thank YOU for the great recipes! I was thrilled to have some new ones to add to our monthly menus. I’m looking forward to trying the eggs tonight with the pork rinds. Which, I, uh, should be getting started on right now. :)

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