The Produce Truck

The day after we moved to our current apartment, we heard a man’s voice on a speaker coming closer and closer. Turns out he was advertising fruits and vegetables which he sells from the bed of his pickup truck. Daniel and Natasha hurried out to see what he had for sale. They returned with potatoes, bananas and a zapallo.


Natasha stayed very close throughout the whole transaction:


This is a zapallo:


It’s kind of like a green pumpkin, but not quite as tasty. Still, we use it in place of sweet potatoes for sweet potato casserole, or in place of pumpkin for pumpkin pie, or mix it with sausage for an autumn tasting meal.  I’d say the average weight of the ones we buy is about 8 pounds. Due to it’s heftiness, it’s nice to have it come to us on a truck with a loud speaker, rather than lugging it up the hill from town on our backs.



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