We Live Under a Rainbow!

I realized I hadn’t posted any pictures of the outside of our apartment! You know, the big picture.

So here we have the view from across the gravel road, looking at our place. The house on the left, is Roger and Margaret’s, and our apartment is the first one they built.


Our apartment is the white half and it does somewhat resemble a jail, doesn’t it? Hmm…


Once inside, there is a stairway to the apartment above, and then our little patio. Through the far green gate, is our landlord’s garden. Think “The Secret Garden”, not “Mr. McGregor’s Garden”.  :)


Here’s the view from the garden, looking into our little space:


Natasha loves to go out in the garden and run around, stand on a rock, pick up leaves and pine needles, walk on the little cement retaining wall, and so on. I’ve found her “missing” a couple times only to go out and find her exploring on her own. I don’t worry about her getting lost though, since there is a fence/wall around the entire garden area. (All the Grandmas breathe a sigh of relief.)


One thought on “We Live Under a Rainbow!

  1. =) Funny, at first I was just looking at the pictures, not reading what you wrote, and I was thinking along the lines of ‘The Secret Garden’ as well. Its really cool!!!

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