For all you folks who miss summer and flowers…

This post is for you. We went to the Boquete Flower Fair this past week, and walked through the many flower beds. It was kind of fun to see all the flowers that are usually only seen during May-August in the the Midwest.


But truthfully, I’m not that much of a flower person. I like them, but I don’t. Know what I mean? I usually scroll very fast over pictures of flowers on other blogs, so I won’t feel bad at all if you do the same on this post. I basically took the pictures of the flowers for you folks. ‘Cause I could care less about having a memory card full of flower pictures.






Recognize these?


I much more enjoyed the agricultural part of the fair.


Brahma Cows! (At least, we think so.)  We saw a few herds on the ride up from Panama City out in the field, but I’d really like to see them up close. I kind of like their ears!






It gets a wee bit very windy here during the summer, so I always try to tell myself I’m going for the “windswept” look with my hair. Usually it sounds better than it looks though. :) Daniel and Natasha don’t seem to have that problem…


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