Lunch at El Sabroson

This is a cafeteria style restaurant in town which we have frequented several times here in Boquete. I like it because you don’t have to worry about reading a menu in Spanish, (even though it’s really not that hard) and I can just point to the food I want. :) The food is good, and costs about $4.50 a plate, depending what you fill it with. We always get water to drink from the glass pitchers at the end of the line. (It’s free.)

One of the first things we learned about Panama, from a friend who lives in Panama City, is that you don’t clear the table yourself after eating out. Even at a “fast food” restaurant; just leave it there and go on! I find that hard to do…so I at least stack our dishes neatly after we’re done eating.



The menu varies some day to day; sometimes there is lasagna and sometimes they have spaghetti. Always rice. We really like the BBQ pork, and I had seasoned chicken last time with sliced sweet bell peppers. The mashed zapallo is good too! We haven’t had plantains there yet, because it must be one of the items you have to ask specifically for.




One thought on “Lunch at El Sabroson

  1. We’re also still trying to get over the “don’t clear the table” thing. It seems so rude to leave the tray of stuff at McDonald’s on the table.

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