Grandma, Be Prepared…

…there’s a reptile in this post.

See it?


But there’s also a butterfly. :)


Finally got a few pictures of some wildlife here in Boquete! We didn’t know we had a gecko living above our kitchen window (at night, at least) till a couple evenings ago. We heard this odd chirping noise after dark, and it seemed close, but didn’t figure out what it was till Daniel spotted it clinging to the wall. It hasn’t cooperated for a photo shoot yet, and I’m wondering if it will even come back now that we took the dry and crinkly evergreens down from above the window. The bird that was sitting on the kitchen table a few weeks ago, eating a banana, flew out too fast, so no picture of it either. Nor any of the black squirrels found hopping in trees. Just imagine, a black squirrel, and that should work. :)


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