Caldera River and Hot Springs

Following our excursion hiking north of town, we spent the afternoon on the other side of town in the Caldera region. Daniel and I were surprised to see the terrain on the other side of the mountain change from green and cool, to dry, dusty, brown and much warmer. It reminded us of Waco, Texas.



We splashed around in the chilly river some and worked on our tans or lack thereof, before heading to the hot springs to relax.





Since Boquete is so close to a volcano, these particular springs are fed with bathtub temperature (or hotter) water!




So I turned 25 while splashing in a Central American river. Who’d have thought?!


Here’s that volcano I mentioned, Volcán Barú. Wikipedia says it is the tallest mountain in Panama and is a “dormant, but potentially active volcano”. And we’re living at the base of this thing?! Well, dormant did come before the active part…. We’ve been told that you can climb to the top and see the Atlantic and the Pacific at the same time. Panama isn’t very wide, you know. :) I would like to do that, but the hike up sounds exhausting.



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