Black History Month

It’s a good thing it’s a leap year, or I would have missed this all together!


There’s been a lot of activity going on in Daniel’s family the past few days, and we’re not exempt from it here in Panama! In preparation for a presentation Daniel’s Dad gave at work today, he asked the family to contribute a little something creative in celebration of Black History Month.

Naomi made a freezer paper stenciled t-shirt, (see above) using a design Amos came up with, and Lydia made cakes and decorated them with the same design:


 Ginny (Daniel’s Mom) even cooked a whole meal for the event! Southern style: Oven fried chicken, Black eye peas, collard greens, sweet potatoes, cornbread and peach cobbler!

Seth’s photography and videography was highlighted, and Daniel’s contribution was coming up with a video, explaining a little of what he’s learned from his Dad, and what brought us to Panama.

So, here’s my little part…a post honoring my father-in-law and his heritage.

I will never forget on our honeymoon, when Daniel and I stopped at Cabela’s and were walking through the camping section. As we passed a portable grill, Daniel casually remarked, “I think Dad designed that.” Huge pause. What?! It’s not every day you just waltz by something in a store and know who designed it! But now I do, since I’m happy to know and be related to the designer! That’s the kind of man my father-in-law is. He pays attention to details, puts his whole heart into what he does, is supportive of his family, loves the Lord, and likes his hot sauce. :)


6-8-2010 117

This is Granny Nita, Daniel’s Grandma. She passed away this past November, shortly after we came to Panama, and she will be missed. She called everyone baby, used her cane as a pointing stick, threatened to do all sorts of things with that cane, and made me laugh. It was an honor knowing her, and I’m so glad Natasha got to meet her Great-Granny.

6-8-2010 097


I am ever so proud to be part of this family, as they are all amazing.


Even if I will always be paler than them.


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