Primera Iglesia Bautista De Boquete

That’d be, “Boquete First Baptist Church”, in English. :)

 We’ve been attending here since before Christmas, and even though it’s all in Spanish, it has been a blessing. Everyone is very friendly, and you don’t need to know the language to interpret a smile and a welcoming handshake. I particularly enjoy the singing, since I can see the Spanish words on the overhead, hear how it’s pronounced, and ‘speak’ it all at the same time. By the end of each song, I feel quite fluent! Daniel can pick up more of the sermon than I can, depending on the topic and how fast the preaching is. We have gotten to know a few families; namely, our Korean friends, whose children we “tutor” in English, and a couple Panamanian families who speak English. Pastor Ko told us that they were so happy to have us return after our first Sunday visiting, because most people like us only come once. :)


 The parking lot is never this empty on a Sunday morning, rather it’s full with cars parked right behind one another.


 Natasha remains a favorite among everyone, and she has a little friend named Grace:


I’d say Natasha has a little following! Unless she is in someone’s arms, being cooed over in Spanish, this is typical for the end of the service.  :)


Photo credits for the last two pictures go to my sister, Tiffany. :)


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