Buying Coffee is Serious Business

Boquete is probably best known in Panama, and around the world, for coffee. The growing conditions are perfect for award winning coffee. In fact, in 2007, one pound of Boquete’s unroasted coffee sold at an online auction for $130. ONE pound!! So, naturally, coffee was one of the souvenirs that Tiffany and Kristen wanted to take home with them. But you don’t have to pay $130! About $7 will buy you a really nice bag of “cafe”. And I do believe it is the best, since I have never been able to drink a cup of black coffee before without wishing the cup was emptier than it really was. But I’ve done it here, and that really is an accomplishment for me.


Cafe Ruiz is considered the best locally here, that is, for the commoner. We’re not in the market for a hundred dollar bag of coffee.  (I’ve never seen any for that price in the grocery…) We actually go to church with the owner of Cafe Ruiz, and had supper with his family last week. That makes it all the better!





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