We Don’t Have These In the Midwest…

One of my sister’s reservations with coming to Panama, other than flying, was the fear of scorpions. We reassured her that our landlords have been here 6 years and they had never found any on this property, in the garden or anywhere. We had never even seen any, and she should come despite her fears.

Well, she found the first scorpion.

It was hiding under a damp washcloth in the bathroom and caused quite a stir upon it’s discovery. It was about two inches long and scurried across the tile floor, with its tail arched. That’s when we all sort of stepped back a little farther! I wish I had a picture of Daniel’s face when we told him we found a scorpion. He jumped away from his laptop real quick and came to investigate. He killed it with his knife, and Tiff decided she was glad they were leaving that day.



Two days after Tiffany and Kristen left, Daniel discovered another larger scorpion! He had put his clothes on the floor while he took a shower, and somehow one decided they were a good place to hide. Needless to say, he killed that one too. It was much larger, as you can see:


Our landlords said we indeed found the first ones they’ve ever had on this property, and that a friend of theirs has found more in the past few months than usual. Ugh! In Daniel’s research, he found that this particular kind, (simply called a Black Scorpion) isn’t as poisonous as others. Its sting might be something like a bee sting; worse to some folks if they’re allergic. First aid is generally an ice pack and some Benadryl. Of course, it’s worse for young children and the elderly. Usually when I hear that disclaimer, I dismiss it, since I’m not an infant and not a grandma. BUT…we have a toddler!  So we have made the proper precautions, and are praying no more come around. We keep all parts of the house occupied and lived in, (which isn’t hard since it isn’t that big), stir up the closets, keep wet clothes off the floor, and shake clothes before putting them on.


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