Doing the Tourist Thing

At the Municipal Market yesterday, we did what I’ve seen lots of other folks do:


Drink coconut water straight from a coconut!



We weren’t alone in our “touristy” activities though. Lynette and Melody joined in quite happily! They are here visiting us from back “home”, via Guatemala, for the next couple weeks, and I must say, in just the two days that they’ve been here, it’s been perfect for luring us back to the States. Talk of friends, family, summer activities and setting up house, has gotten me all excited to move back. It will be nice to be near family and friends again. :) (Okay, I’ll be honest, I’m a little scared to come back at the same time! But don’t worry, we’re still coming.)


We also had the coconut meat, which was a little slimy, but “a good experience” nonetheless. :)


Now, it’s back to menu scheming with those two girls. Maybe we will write a cookbook…


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