Plantains, part 1 of ?

Definitely one of our favorite foods!! The best way to have them is ripe and yellow, and I’ll get to that post eventually, but here’s one way to fix them before they get ripe.


The green ones taste awful uncooked, but fry them, and they become nice and tender, and taste like potatoes.


Chop off the ends and slice through the peeling with a paring knife on the ridges, so the peeling is easier:


Peel it away with a knife:


Slice lengthwise: (I’m not left handed…but it’s easier to demonstrate how to cut a plantain left handed than take a picture left handed.)


Slice lengthwise again so you have somewhat uniform chunks:


Melt a few knobs of butter:


Add plantains and stir them so they’re coated with butter. Salt and pepper.


Cover occasionally, stir occasionally, cook uncovered some, stir a little more, add more butter, etc…


And continue process over medium heat till they are easily stabbed with a fork and nice and golden. Ideally they should be a little crunchy on the outside and soft inside.


Serve and enjoy. :)


Not exactly a traditional Irish dish, but very tasty indeed. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


2 thoughts on “Plantains, part 1 of ?

  1. We talk about you guys every time we pick up bananas at the grocery store, since the plantains are there, as well. I was telling Chad the other night that you said they tasted like potatoes. So interesting! Can’t believe how much the inside looks like a banana, too!!!! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  2. I love using plantains to make tostones! I just use a mallet to flatten them to about half their original height (the edges start to split). Dip those crispy boys in mojito (mojo) sauce and oh yum! Here are two sauce recipes to choose from; or (I would choose the first and add some orange juice). Enjoy!

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