Melody went on a “bee ba” yesterday, and Natasha was quite saddened by the whole affair. She cried that she couldn’t be on the “big bus” with her. We keep telling her that we will be going on a big bus and an airplane in a few weeks, and after all that, we’ll eventually be living near Melody so we can see her more often!


I have so many pictures to show everyone, so please stay tuned. :) I don’t think it will all fit in before we leave Panama, (in about *3 weeks) so we might have “Flashbacks of Panama” for a while. Hope no one minds…

Until then, please check out Melody’s blog from the link above. She was much more faithful in posting updated pictures of our goings-on recently!

*Oops…it’s more like 4 weeks. We fly out April 23rd.


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