Guatemalan Chocolate

So, our good friend Lynette, was studying Spanish in Guatemala this past winter and we had been praying that somehow it would work out for us to see her while we were all in Central America. Daniel and I thought about busing to Guatemala, but decided that a three day bus ride with a toddler (even a well behaved one who happens to love buses) might not be much fun for the parents. We didn’t think it was going to work out, when Melody entered the picture! Two young ladies traveling together seemed like a nicer idea than just one, so when Melody came to visit Lynette in Guatemala, they decided to extend the trip and come to see us!

Lynette brought us edible souveniers from Guatemala, which happy for us, included some amazing coffee and chocolate!



She treated us to hot chocolate twice during their stay, and it was the best I’ve ever had. Nothing fake or from a package here…other than that fun brown paper wrapping pictured above.


She simply melted it in hot water, (or milk, the second time we had it,) and we drank up that chocolatey goodness.



One thought on “Guatemalan Chocolate

  1. Mm, looks good. :) Was it less sweet than, say, the average milk chocolate?
    Looking forward to ‘visiting’ with you later! :D

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