Plantains Part 2

This is our very favorite way to have plantains. Our very, very most favorite way, will be in yet another post. Later. But first we have ripe fried plantains. Not the green ones this time, but the very yellow, ugly looking ones with black marks here and there. Preferably with no hints of green. Like the two farthest against the wall, and the one closest on the bottom front of the pile, in the picture below. In fact, if you let them get even riper, blacker and uglier, that’s great. They will be nice and sweet inside.


They will peel a lot easier:


Slice them up in little cubes:


Fry in lots of butter:


Till VERY golden, soft and a little brown. Sometimes Daniel sprinkles them with cinnamon. Either way, they’re delicious.


When prepared this way, we generally have them for breakfast. Here we had them with chicken livers and fried eggs.


Note: If Natasha is around, and you want her to eat something other than fried plantains, you have to keep them on the stove, hidden, till she eats her eggs first. Then you can bring the plantains out. But be sure to get your share though! Even then, she will beg for more and WILL easily eat all of yours. It’s almost depressing…watching practically your entire serving getting devoured by a 23 month old. If plantains aren’t on the breakfast menu, she will look at the counter and suggest hopefully that we have them anyway. Are you folks getting the point here? She loves fried plantains.

One thought on “Plantains Part 2

  1. I love the last bit there, especially the part where Natasha ‘suggests hopefully’ :)

    We’re going to have to get some of these things and try them *your* way soon!

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