Melody and Lynette’s flights back to the States didn’t coincide very well, so Melody left a day earlier than Lynette. Thus we had two days of goodbyes, and a little bit of explaining to do for Natasha. After Melody left, Natasha cried and kept pointing to herself saying, “Be ba! Ta-ta!” (Big bus, Natasha!) We told her that only Melody was going on the big bus that day, and Natasha could go on a big bus later. Many days from now, we would not only go on a bus, but a boat as well, and we’ll go to the beach! So before Lynette left, we forewarned Natasha that this time, once again, only Lynette was going on the big bus.






9 thoughts on “Explaining

  1. That is so adorable!!! The pictures are awesome!!! Especially the ones where she is pointing to herself and the last one! :)

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