Passion Fruit

When Melody and Lynette were here, we bought passion fruit and Melody made a custard.


She blended the inside pulp and seeds a bit, then strained it and used the juice for the custard.




It was tart, yet sweet, and very tasty.


We had it for dessert when we invited our upstairs neighbor to join us for supper one night. It was a delightful evening, full of laughter, stories and good food. The menu consisted of chicken breasts with caramelized onions and a mango sauce, name and carrot latkes, lemon-garlic broccoli and of course, the passion fruit custard, served with caramelized bananas. I tell you, one can really come up with some fantastic menus with other girls around to help plan, chop, cook, serve and clean up! Theo (our upstairs apartment neighbor, who is from South Africa and really has a knack for telling stories) told Daniel that it was like he had three wives with all of us scurrying around in the kitchen!




2 thoughts on “Passion Fruit

  1. Mmmm!!! Passionfruit is the best! I can’t believe you hadn’t tried it yet. It’s not really much to look at, but it sure tastes good. I wouldn’t have thought of making a custard with it, but it sounds good.

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