Daniel Had a Birthday!


It was last Monday, and even though I neglected it on this blog, I didn’t in real life. :)

Since Lynette and Melody were here, we treated Daniel to a breakfast that he didn’t have to cook: Pancakes with fried apples, bacon and fried eggs.

His gift was actually brought back in February, by Tiffany. A whole bottle of MCT oil, which was a complete surprise to him, (success!!) and we have thoroughly enjoyed, by adding it to our coffee.



I am so honored to be married to this guy. He takes care of so many of the details in our life, and I am forever grateful. Such as, the bill paying and taxes, planning for our stuff to be stored while we’re living in another country and killing scorpions. He is adventurous, athletic, and a researcher. He reads all about *politics history, economics, current events and health, and watches mountain bike clips on YouTube. He likes nice, expensive, foreign cars, good ground beef and fast internet. He prays with me at night and continues to show me the love of Christ.

Also, he is a superb Daddy, and that continues to make me smile.



So, Happy belated 27th Birthday Daniel!


*Edited to cross out politics. Daniel read the post and made that correction for me… What did I tell you about details? ;)


4 thoughts on “Daniel Had a Birthday!

  1. Yep, that’s my boy….. I mean man! Continue to walk as a man of God remembering how the Lord honored your biblical namesake in Daniel 1:8,15-20. Happy birthday son. Love Dad

  2. Thank you Chanel dear :) That really was a excellent birthday breakfast.

    Might want to cross out politics and replace it with history, economics and current events though. Just so happens politics are part of current events but I don’t like the topic per se.

  3. Again…Happy Birthday Dear Son! Fine specimen of a young man you are…cant wait to have you around again…. not to mention Janel and Natasha too!
    Do I have to get older just because you are??

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