Our Favorite Vegetable Store

Even before coming to Panama, we knew we wanted to shop here. In Daniel’s hours and hours of research, he came across a blog post that featured this attractive vegetable store. We were thrilled to discover it was located just a block from our first apartment, which we rented the first month we were here. Now, it is much farther of a walk, but it’s still our favorite.




When Lynette was here, it was quite handy to have her Spanish speaking abilities, and she explained that we would be returning to the States soon, so we were glad to get a picture with the owner, Enoch, before we leave.


The owners are always very friendly and love to have Natasha there to select vegetables. If she’s not with one of us when we go, they usually ask where “BebĂ©” is. :) One day, I had Natasha help put tomatoes in the bag, and when we had enough, I took the bag to the scales. Little did I know, Natasha was still gathering tomatoes behind my back! The young fella here kindly and gently helped me return the extra tomatoes to their bin. :)



One thought on “Our Favorite Vegetable Store

  1. I love getting to know the people at the grocery, and the farm stand, and the bank… Farm stands are usually the best, but having a favorite cashier can be a good substitute. ;) It’s just nice to have that people-connection.

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