Plantains part 3 {with chocolate!}

Here is the masterpiece. Daniel’s weekend treat and our most favorite way to have plantains. :) You’ll want to fry up some ripe plantains, and meanwhile prepare the dessert bowls:


Chopped dark chocolate and chopped walnuts are the main base. You really can use all sorts of variations…we tried chocolate-cranberry bark, and triple berry chocolate and each was equally tasty. You can just stick with dark chocolate alone, or add in dried cranberries, or whatever you like!


Top with the fried plantains, and let sit long enough for the chocolate to melt.


Stir it up and add strawberries or fresh fruit if you like. A couple dollops of ice cream is totally acceptable too!


Anyone who visits us ends up having this dessert and so far, everyone loves it. They are always pleasantly surprised how yummy it is.




See what I mean?



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