The Jewelry Makers

On a side street, off from the town square, there are several street venders set up daily, selling their trade of handmade jewelry. When Tiffany and Kristen were here, we did some Sunday afternoon shopping at the stands, and spoke with the tradesmen.





This fella from Peru said he was going to create what he saw in Kristen, and fashioned a little flower out of a length of wire, right before our eyes. His girlfriend, who is from Australia, translated for us.



Tiffany decided on this bracelet, and she even surprised me with a necklace that I have had my eye on since we arrived. :) I have a great sister… (Sorry, no picture of it.)


More recently, we did some more shopping outside of the free garden, where there are usually a couple similar jewelry tables set up with trinkets and such for sale. Melody spotted a bracelet just as we entered the garden. Well, when I saw hers, I decided I would like one too! So we got matching bracelets, and sometimes I share with Natasha.


Another blog post on my other blog that you might like too… It’s got a few pictures from the walk Natasha and I like to take to the little variety store down the hill. Click here for that particular post. :)


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