Cedro and Scorpions

That’s Roger and Margaret’s gardener’s name, but Natasha calls him, “Man”.  :)  He likes to ask Natasha where her “zapatos” (shoes) are, and he taught us how to say “caballo” (horse). Which, by the way, is the only way she now refers to them. I don’t think I’ve ever heard her say “horse”!   Although, she does know how to sign it.

By the way, do you garden with a machete?



Now, scorpions really don’t have anything to do with Cedro, except they’re sharing the same blog post.

See, we’ve had a couple more of these scary little creatures. This teeny one was walking across the kitchen floor one night…


And the next night, this BIG one appeared in the spare bedroom. Don’t worry! It’s dead! I think all our guests are glad they weren’t sleeping there anymore! It makes me get shivers up and down my arms looking at it though. Ugh. We are really stumped as to where they are coming from, and how they get in. We try not to think too hard about how there are little ones, then a big one. Are the little ones…babies? Does that mean they are hatching (? not sure the proper term here…) more? Is the big one a Momma…? Oh yeah. We aren’t thinking of all that now are we?



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