The one item we like to buy close to home (like, within a 5-7 min. walk) is eggs. They’re slightly more per dozen than the ones in town, but we go through a LOT of eggs, and it’s nice not to have to carry dozens from town and risk them being scrambled by the time we arrive home. So we walk up the hill a little ways and buy a flat of 2 1/2 dozen at a time, for 15 cents each. Total: $4.50.


The store is attached to a bar and a house, and reminds me of an old fashioned general store. If you want something, you just point, or ask for it, since it’s all mostly behind the counter.







Oh, I’ve been meaning to mention that not all milk down here is refrigerated, (see picture above) and I’ve never seen eggs in the fridge either.


Loreina and her husband run the store, and he also doubles as a school bus driver. It’s kind of funny, because everyone always wants to know Natasha’s name, so they always exclaim, “Natasha!!” when they see her. One day, when Natasha and I were walking on our little dirt road, the bus came along, and had Daniel not told me that Loreina’s husband drove the bus, I would have been quite shocked when he called out the bus window, “Natasha!” (I hadn’t really “met” him yet…) Seems she is quite well known here…

Loreina is so pleased to see us, and loves to hold up an egg and have Natasha say “huevo” when we come in. :)



The milk delivery guy was there once when we went, and he was thrilled that I got his photo. My favorite part of this picture is his smile and the two guys peeking in the background.



Once, we didn’t have enough cash on hand for a whole dozen, but we were o-u-t of eggs, so I went up with all the money I had, and just had them fill the carton. But, I couldn’t tell them that I couldn’t buy a whole dozen! So when it was time to pay, Loreina said the total, and I handed her my coins. She looked at me, knowing I owed more and repeated the total. I smiled slightly sheepishly, nodded, showed her all I had and motioned for her to take back some eggs. It worked. :)



P.S. These pictures were all taken on about 4 different egg trips. These things take time, you know…


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