Happy Birthday Boquete!

Natasha and I walked into town the other day to get some magnesium for Daniel. After many nights of waking up WAY too early, (like, 1:30, or 2 a.m. or some outrageous time), he looked into the problem and realized the lack of magnesium might be the cause. So he bought some and after only 3 nights or so, with each night’s sleep lasting longer and longer, he determined that was indeed the problem! But his first bottle was running out, and in attempts of making it last longer, he only took one a day. It didn’t work. He woke up at 4:15 the other morning, and decided with our big traveling plans looming just days away, this wasn’t the time to lose sleep. Anyway, that was a long way around to say, I went into town specifically to get magnesium. (Turns out I got the wrong kind. Oh well.) I also wanted to see what type of festivities were going on, because I saw a sign the day before that announced Boquete’s 101st anniversary was the 11th.

We missed the earlier events of the morning, but arrived just in time for the parade.



The Queen of Boquete is on the left. I found her heels slightly outstanding.




Yujin, one of our Korean “English” students was walking with her school group:



This was one of the first times I actually asked if Natasha could get her picture with some locals. They were ALL too happy to scoop her up and pose. :)



I will miss all the festive events and sporadic parades that Boquete holds, so I was glad to get one more in before we leave. Speaking of leaving, it’s coming up soon. Monday, to be exact. We are going to do a little touring of Panama before flying home in about another week or so. More on that later!


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