One Week Ago…

We were spending our last Sunday in Boquete. Doing things like this:



And visiting a coffee farm up the mountain with church friends:




And riding in the back of a Prado:


To see natural rock formations, and eat frozen strawberry desserts and attempt climbing:



We are now spending our last day in Panama, sitting on the terrace of our guest house in El Valle, just a couple hours from Panama City. There are pictures coming, (of course) so hang in there. We’ve been without internet for a bit, and now that we have access, I’m finding that I don’t want to spend a lot of time using it! I rather like the “less is more” approach. At the same time, I want to share all these beautiful places with you! Meanwhile I will direct you over here for a little Birthday post for Natasha. She turned two yesterday!

Tomorrow morning we take a bus to Panama City, then fly back to the States in the afternoon. I am looking forward to returning “home”, and yet not. Especially since I just checked the weather for the midwest, and it’s not all that happy looking! High of 60? Will I actually have to wear socks?! :) Oh, and the whole eating out deal. We love eating out here, and I might have to explain about that later. But Daniel was thinking about making some guidelines for eating out in the States…a few things that servers could learn from Panamanian restaurants. The main tip being, leave us alone to eat our food!

Okay. So I’m off to change a diaper. Some things are the same wherever you are in the world.


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