New Beginnings

It’s practically been one month since returning to the States from Panama, and I’ve been thinking about a few differences. Little things that we got so accustomed to, but you don’t think about here. Like, the gecko chirping at night and being the only English speaking family on our street. Not wanting to go barefoot in a dark house at night because of the fear of scorpions. Huge squashed frogs on the gravel roads. No carpet…anywhere. And fresh produce in bins, which was all so very cheap.

We came back to the States and suddenly it seems that Panama was just a distant memory. It was all too easy to slip back into riding in a car everywhere and not having to walk anywhere. The stores are huge and they have doors. (Only the fancy pharmacy and the banks in Boquete had glass doors to open and shut during business hours.) There isn’t as much litter in the ditches. Fashion is so different! And there aren’t any local Indians in native dress, nor banana trees. :)

So what were we doing a month ago while still in Panama?

Celebrating Natasha’s 2nd birthday! We were on our mini vacation in El Valle, after leaving Boquete, and had breakfast at a little restaurant in town. This was the first time we ordered Natasha a plate of her own, and she ate it all quite easily. You can see she was holding up her thumb and index finger, saying, “Two!”


All she wanted for her birthday was a strawberry pinata. (Or, a strawberry AND a pinata. It was kind of hard to distinguish her request.) Well, we didn’t have either of those, so Daniel got the next best thing: strawberry yogurt:



We keep forgetting that we didn’t choose to leave our nice big farmhouse and Daniel didn’t just choose to leave his job with Verizon. The house was for sale and sold just before we left, and Daniel was laid off. So, we don’t have that house to return to, nor that job. That means that we had to look for a new place to live. While in “limbo” we have been staying with Daniel’s family, and it’s been such a blessing. I have gotten to know my sister-in-law so much better! We previously only saw them on weekends every 6 weeks or so, and now it’s like living a weekend all week long. We have had spur of the moment cookouts, bulk food shopping sprees, and lots of smiles.

So here we are, almost exactly one month after coming back from Panama and it’s the beginning of a new adventure! Some church friends gave us the name of a Christian landlord in a nearby little town, and the house he had available was the one we decided to rent. Daniel met with him this morning, and we now have a key to this little house on the edge of town! This will be the first time we’ve lived in town…in the United States. ;) It has 3 bedrooms and a nice large kitchen connected to the living room. I can’t wait to get our belongings from the storage unit and get a few things unpacked and in drawers. Hopefully later this week we can do just that!

2012-05-19 17.32.27


3 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Yaay! You’ve got a house! That’s really exciting. :) I hope it turns out to be just right for you.
    Those pictures of Natasha are great – such happiness and contentment about the simple things….

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