Our First Guests

We’ve been at our new house for about 2 weeks now and I’m liking it more and more. :) (Even if it is in “town”.) Our first official “dinner guests” was my family. They were kind enough to come up and bring with them more of the outdoorsy stuff we didn’t manage to get in the moving truck; things like a garden hose, planters, and my bike. It was a grand Sunday afternoon. :)

Tiff and Natasha played the piano:


Daniel made us blueberry ice cream:


We played at the park:


One of us wore cowgirl boots:



And we used the self-timer on the camera:


Meanwhile, when we’re not entertaining, I’m still digging out of boxes and planting flowers. Still basking in the glory of using our own dishes, pots and pans, sleeping on our own bed, and seeing all our very own household items around us. :)


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