My Perfect Sunday

This past Sunday, my facebook status said, “It has been a perfect Sunday, and I’m a happy girl. :)” And it was true. I had a fabulous Sunday. We went to church and heard a good message that had me listening from start to finish. There was a fellowship meal afterwards. (Always a good thing, right?)

Following the meal, Daniel, Natasha, Daniel’s youngest sister, Phoebe and I went to tour a house built in the 1840’s, that was involved with the Underground Railroad. They are currently restoring it to its 1870’s glory.

Then we came home and I happily carried a sleeping toddler to her bed where she slept all afternoon. While I, here’s the best part: read a book. Come evening time, my wonderful husband offered to fix supper and then we went to the park.


Daniel worked out:


And Natasha learned to balance on wobbly posts:



Then, here’s the second best part! Instead of going to a “Dairy Dream” or some such ice cream stand, we bought a tub of Breyer’s and ate on a park bench.


It really couldn’t have been any more relaxing, yet so full, of a Sunday, all at the same time.


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