WWII Reenactment

Practically a month ago, (yep, I’m still working on getting all these pictures out of files on the computer so everyone can SEE our life), we attended our first ever World War II Reenactment. Now, please don’t get me wrong; I love history. But I must say, if you’ve seen one reenactment, you’ve seen them all. Sorry, but it’s kind of true. It’s been several years since I’ve done Civil War Reenacting, but this WWII battle was exactly like a Civil War one, but with updated guns, slightly different uniforms and gear, and the added bonus of a fly-over bomber. Here’s a brief (one picture) illustration:


Later that day, we witnessed a flame thrower demonstration, which definitely had more wow factor than any Civil War battle I’ve seen! Daniel overheard a conversation from a couple other spectators and one was saying that he had spoken with a guy who was originally trained to operate one, but he kept fainting. Because the flamer thrower took so much oxygen as it ignited!



The camp was quiet and shady.






Perfect for picture taking.



Later that night, there was a dance. Those of us who were a little more prepared, dressed up and attended in as best of authentic dress as possible. There was a live band, playing all the 1940’s favorite big band hits, and some of us who were bolder than the rest of us, danced. (Daniel and I weren’t part of either category. :( Maybe next year. After dance lessons.)


Instead, we took pictures of the group, and laughed at Seth’s antics, trying to get US to smile for the camera!


These three couples were a few of the other attendees who dressed for the event. Oh, how I love the girls dresses and shoes! One of these days, I am going to make a 1940’s dress. Can’t wait!



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