This was the first year that I’ve ever dried tomatoes. Still not sure how I’ll use them, but it seemed like a good thing to do since I had lots of cherry tomatoes as well as extra romas that I didn’t feel like canning. PLUS, a dehydrator was easily obtained, by borrowing my sister-in-law’s. She used this recipe, and after trying a sample of hers, I decided that was the way to do dried tomatoes! Even the name makes my mouth water: Rosemary-Basil-Sun-Dried Tomatoes.


So, Natasha helped me do the first batch, but we got side tracked by making faces in the glass lids drying in the dish drainer:





We also harvested our very first spaghetti squash! Earlier in the season, I dug my fingernail into the soft skin of the growing squash so I could create an “N” for Natasha. She thought that was pretty cool, since she had her very own squash with her initial in it.



My best friend Ida taught me how to do that years ago with zucchini and it’s fun to add short messages early in the spring, then forget that you did it till time to harvest. :)



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