Walnuts, An Alternator and Chickens

Last month we were finally able to visit some good friends for a couple days. Daniel saw them shortly after we returned from Panama, when he went to get our car, but I wasn’t along. (That would be the car that we bought on e-bay, while in Panama, and had never seen in person. But their oldest son (at home) was the one who braved the journey to actually pick up the car out of state, all while we were still in Panama.) Anyway, this was the first since we’ve been back in the States that I got to see the whole family!

It was a great time talking and visiting. The girls and I went to buy apples, and since it is the season for such fruit, we ate lots while there.


Natasha enjoyed playing with the little boys, although they might have intimidated, overwhelmed, frightened and surprised her a few times. Ha!



Naomi, Daniel’s sister, was with us and she played chess with Miles. I still don’t quite understand that game. Basically all I can remember is that the knight moves in an L-shape, and “check” means trouble.

Daniel easily stepped in to help with the famous walnut season. They are a pickup location for Hammons, who supplies a walnut huller and buys hulled walnuts.



The hulled walnuts are bagged and weighed, then the customer gets paid for them. It’s a win-win-win situation!



Since we aren’t around as often as we once were, I don’t feel like I know they youngest two or three boys as well. :( This is Colleen and Clay, their youngest. :)



So, our first attempt home resulted in our car’s alternator going bad. We sat in an O’Reilly’s parking lot for a bit, before deciding to turn around and see if we could get back to Yoder’s to repair it. We didn’t quite get all the way there, so Colleen came to rescue us and we ended up staying another day with them!


While Daniel and Brady replaced the alternator in a church parking lot the next day, I watched the chicken butchering process. They did over 200 birds that day.



For more pictures of our time at Yoder’s, stop by their blog for a fun post here. :)


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