O Tannenbaum…

We found a little tree, thanks to a very kind and generous neighbor.



So here’s to a wonderful December, full of evergreen boughs and imaginary mistletoe!



Now that the tree is up and decorated, Natasha keeps saying, “Christmas camed!” I then have to explain that actually we’re just getting ready for it! Christmas is THE day when we celebrate Jesus’ birthday! So she’s pretty excited about that. Sometimes she reminds me that, “My birthday is coming to April!”

P.S. My sister has been visiting for the week and it’s been grand. She took these pictures and put her interior decorating classes to work with our living room!


3 thoughts on “O Tannenbaum…

  1. Merry Christmas!!! I love reading your updates. Natasha is so cute and really growing up. Enjoy your time with Tiffany. Jim & Kris Lehman

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