Salt Dough Ornaments

Natasha and I made salt dough ornaments this year and had such fun. She carefully looked over all the cookie cutters and kept exclaiming when she recognized a certain shape.



I used this recipe but followed these directions.



I think Natasha’s favorite part was blowing the “hole” out of the straw, which we used to cut the little hole for the ornament’s string to go through.


When they were done, Natasha happily said, “Aren’t they pretty?” Then she promptly ran to get my little camera ornament which she has been using as her own camera, and “took pictures” of them, just like I would.


Even pausing to check the lighting on the back of the screen. :)


There’s a picture of the final product over at my other blog on this post. You can see that we did a little bit of both stamping and embellishing after the drying process with a simple gel pen. I wish I would have done more with the stamping beforehand though…and actually used ink on the stamp. As it turned out, I used a “blank” stamp for the impression, and filled it in afterwards with the pen. But I could have just used ink! Either way, the dough was really easy to work with, and they turned out great. We gave some to our mail carrier, and she even left us a little Christmas card saying they fit her tree perfect. :)

For those of you who pay attention to details, yes, Natasha is in three different outfits. And yes it was all in one day. We go through several changes a day for various reasons. Like, wet panties, tired of wearing a striped shirt, feels like wearing a red dress, wants a cupcake shirt and not a snowflake shirt, and so on. It just adds jazz to the day. Or, that’s how I try to view it when it’s the very first reason listed.


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