An Extended Weekend Trip

We drove a LONG time, starting before daylight, to see Daniel’s brother and his wife for a few days. They moved out of state back in October and we rather miss them! Our time there was so nice. We did a lot of cooking, chatting, laughing, dillydallying, shopping, sightseeing and hiking.

This first set of pictures are mostly the “dillydallying” part.




Dancing in the kitchen.


Saturday afternoon was spent hiking a bit of the Appalachian Trail.


Some of us got really tired going uphill. (It wasn’t only this wee one!)





At the top, I made sure the wee one didn’t end up IN the valley below…



Seth is a photographer and he was gracious to get a few pictures of the three of us. But he didn’t edit these. So I apologize since this probably isn’t the best editing job in the world. Maybe when I grow up I’ll be able to edit pictures like Seth. ;)



Turns out we walked up the mountain on a back access road, and it wasn’t truly the Appalachian Trail. So we took the real path down.


Poor Natasha was way too tired and she fell asleep despite being bounced and bobbled on Daniel’s shoulder.



If you want to see Seth and Harmony’s faces, and not just their jacketed backs as in that vague picture above, please stop by Seth’s blog. :) He has some fun glasses that are being passed around frequently, and Harmony modeled them for him.

On Monday, Harmony took me shopping. We went to a great produce/grocery store with prices I wish we had around here! I got a 16 lb. box of plantains for $1.95!  And the first fresh pineapples we’ve had since Panama. Still not as cheap as Central America, but better than Meijer! (We could get a huge pineapple for a dollar in Boquete. The ones I got last weekend were $1. 25, and on the smaller side.)

Their area has some amazing old houses that I wish I lived in. You wouldn’t believe how many times I oohed and ahhed as we drove around. We spent the afternoon at Harmony’s sister’s place, and us gals attempted to watch a couple movies. We had some delish brownies, and a lot of interruptions. Ha! With all these little ones running around and wailing, it was a rather exciting afternoon! We did get them all to sit without crying in fear or madness of one another for a while though. Winnie the Pooh can work wonders. As wild as it might have been, I had a blast. In a way, it was a big comfort to know that other kids can cry and whine too. It’s normal, and it’s not only mine. :)

photo (1)


2 thoughts on “An Extended Weekend Trip

  1. I would have loved to see Natasha with those crazy nephews of mine! :)
    Isn’t that produce place the best? I love shopping out there.

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