Anniversary Followup

To celebrate the actual DAY of our 5th anniversary, I made a carrot cake (in memory of our wedding cake) and we had fun cutting it just like at our wedding. And then feeding it to each other.


I used a Primal recipe, but skipped the dates and added pineapple chunks instead. It turned out lovely, moist and delicious. I was so proud!


Then…for the get away! We flew to Austin, Texas to enjoy some warmer weather, big blue skies and BBQ!


Some window shopping too…


This was one of the most fun places to eat. We stood outside in line for over an hour so we’d be sure to get some before they were sold out!



Indeed, we didn’t miss out and it was SO good!


We enjoyed the city park and lake with walking trails and a canoe ride.


It was a wonderful trip away and I didn’t want to come back! Now things are completely back to “normal” and we’re anxiously awaiting no-coat weather here. It might be a while though; we had snow all day today!


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