Early Birthday Celebration

It’s birthday month around here! Daniel’s Grandpa had a birthday the 12th, and Natasha was born one day before my Grandma’s birthday! We couldn’t be two places at once, so we missed the family gathering for Grandpa Bob, but we did have a little early party for Grandma and Natasha with my family this past weekend.

This was her first decorated cake! Please tell me you can tell it’s a panda. :)



So, she will be 3 on the 21st…



And Grandma will be 90 on the 22nd!!! Yes, I said 90!



The age difference is noticeable, but precious. It’s easy to see similarities though. They each need help doing basic daily things, and each one is headstrong and wants to be independent. But, one is nearing the end of life, while the other has her whole life ahead. May God bless the moments ahead, however long, for each one. It can be rather sobering…so we’re treasuring all the memories and times we share.

Happy Birthday my dear daughter, and my dear Grandma. We love you!



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