Living the Caribbean Life on Red Frog Island

For a few days at least! Just as a reminder, this was a year ago, just before we returned to the States after our 5 month stay in Panama. We were at Palmar Tent Lodge for about 3 days or so.

One of our amazing plantain meals…


…happily enjoyed by a toddler.


Here’s Daniel cooking in the little kitchen. I usually did the dishes for him, since he cooked. Since the water was always being preserved (eco-friendly, you know…) the faucet was operated by a foot pedal. Like a pump organ actually! As long as you pump, you get water.


During the day, we did a lot of lounging. Since it was so awfully, terribly, burning hot, that’s about all you can do! I didn’t dare attempt tanning. I’m just too Irish. In fact, the sun made the sand SO hot, it burned if you stood too long on it. Once I had to run after our clothes that we draped over some drift wood to dry, and running was the only way to reach them because it was so hot! And they weren’t even really dry. The air is so humid and full of salty breezes, nothing really dried.

So during the hottest part of the day, we stayed in the shade or back at our tent, and one afternoon I colored with Natasha in the lodge. The coffee table was the perfect height for Natasha to stand at. While she colored, I chatted with a couple of the volunteers. The gal was doing upkeep for her boyfriend’s dreadlocks so that was an interesting conversation. :)


Little local boys would catch the famous red frogs, for which the island is named after, and try to get us to pay a dollar to see one. Fortunately, we could tell them we already saw them, and I was happy to have a camera so now you can see one too! (No charge.)


There were coconut trees just outside the lodge, and a long bamboo stick was leaning nearby. Its purpose was to knock down green coconuts so you could drink the coconut water!


Surf boards were for rent if you wanted to attempt surfing.


And little crabs were everywhere!



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